PROGRAM - DAY 2 - Friday 10 May 2024 (program subject to change, includes speakers invited to date)


Sponsored Breakfast Symposium


Session 7: The great debate and Oral Abstract Prize Final
Chairs: Julie McGaughran and John Atherton
Time Talk Title Speaker
0830-0915 Debate: Patients should (only) be seen in a specialised multidisciplinary clinic

FOR:  Chris Semsarian (NSW)

AGAINST: Jodie Ingles (NSW)

0915-1000 Oral Abstract Prize Final   
1000-1030 Morning Break  
Session 8: Intersection of imaging and genetics in cardiomyopathies
Time Talk Title Speaker
1030-1045 Multimodality imaging for accurate phenotyping John Younger (QLD)
1045-1100 When should I do genetic testing? Stacey Peters (VIC)
1100-1115 When is myocarditis not just myocarditis? Rebecca Kozor (NSW)
1115-1130 Polygenic risk scores in heart failure: are we there yet? Sonia Shah (QLD)
1130-1145 Imaging and genetic testing in athletes


Andre La Gerche (VIC)
Session 9: Utility of genetic testing - across the lifespan
Time Talk Title Speaker
1030-1045 Genetic testing for pre-implantation diagnosis David Amor (VIC)
1045-1100 Genetic testing for maternal management pre and during pregnancy Dominica Zentner (VIC)
1100-1115  Rapid and ultra-rapid WGS in neonates Zornita Stark (VIC)
1115-1130 Genetic testing in children CHD Nicholas Pachter (WA)
1130-1145 Cardiac variants in the healthy adult population Paul Lacaze (VIC)
1200-1330 Lunch  
Session 10: Genomics and therapeutics - the time is now


Time Talk Title Speaker
1330-1345 Gene therapies for inherited arrhythmia disorders Eddy Kizana (NSW)

New molecular therapies for familial hypercholesterolaemia.

Adam Nelson (SA)

1400-1415 Pharmacogenomics and gene therapies in Cardiometabolic Disease - trials and triumphs

Steven Nicholls (VIC)

1415-1430 iPSCs, Zebrafish, CRISPR, engineered heart tissues: bench to bedside care

James Hudson (QLD)

1430-1445 Unsupervised, genome-wide computational models to predict genetic causes of human disease Nathan Palpant (QLD)
1500-1530 Afternoon Break  
Session 11: Final plenary

Chairs: John Atherton and Julie McGaughran                                

Time Talk Title Speaker
1530-1605  Gene therapy: a opportunity to cure genetic heart disease Christine Seidman (USA)
1605-1640 What's next in genetics of inherited arrythmia syndromes and sudden death? Elijah Behr (UK)
1640-1650 Thank you Chris Semsarian (NSW)
1650-1700 Official close of the Conference  John Atherton (QLD) and Julie McGaughran (QLD)

 Program is subject to change.