PROGRAM - DAY 1 - Thursday 9 May 2024 (program subject to change, includes speakers invited to date)

Session 1: Opening Session

Chairs: John Atherton and Julie McGaughran

Time Talk Title  Speaker
0800-0815 Welcome John Atherton (QLD) and Julie McGaughran (QLD) Conference Co-Convenors
0815-0835 Official Opening  Li Cunxin AO (QLD)
0835-0920 Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy: Completing the Bedside to Bench to Bedside Paradigm Christine Seidman (USA)
0920-1010 Genomic architecture of sudden cardiac death Elijah Behr (UK)
1010-1030 Morning Break  

Session 2: Inherited cardiomyopathies: what's new?

Chairs: Sandhir Prasad and Dominic Abrams

Time Talk Title Speaker
1030-1100 Polygenic determinants of monogenic cardiomyopathies James Ware (UK)
1100-1115 New genes in cardiomyopathies


Sophie Hespe (NSW)
1115-1130 Using genomics to improve cardiac transplantation Briony Thompson (VIC)
1130-1145 Cardiac manifestation of neuromuscular disease Vimal Patel (WA)
1145-1200 Mechanistic basis of ALPK3-cardiomyopathy James McNamara (VIC)
Session 3: New Australian initiatives in familial hypercholesterolaemia
 Chairs: Gerald Watts and Karam Kostner
Time Talk Title Speaker 

How can implementation science help

to navigate screening of FH – an

example in the context of newborn screening

Natalie Taylor (NSW)
1045-1100 Population screening strategies Paul Lacaze (VIC)
1100-1115 Health economics of genetic testing of children Zanfina Ademi (VIC)
1115-1130 Initiatives of the paediatric FH network Shuba Srinivasan (NSW) 
1130-1145 National advocacy: FH Australia

Christine Hendricks (WA)

1200-1330 Lunch Break  
Session 4: Inherited arrhythmia syndromes
Chairs: Jonathan Skinner and Kathryn Waddell-Smith
Time Talk Title Speaker
1330-1400 What is Brugada syndrome in 2024? Elijah Behr (UK)
1400-1415 Genotype-guided therapies and new management approaches Belinda Gray (NSW)
1415-1430 Cardiac nursing and inherited arrhythmia syndromes Rachael Stiles (NZ)
1430-1445 In vitro assessment of channelopathy variants Andy Ng (NSW)
1445-1500 Sex differences and sudden cardiac arrest Elizabeth Paratz (VIC)
Session 5: Congenital heart disease genomics and outcomes
Chairs: Dominica Zentner and Edwin Kirk
Time Talk Title Speaker
1330-1400 Genetics of congenital heart disease: Implications for colinial phenotype and patient outcomes

Christine Seidman (USA)

1400-1415 Cardiovascular genetics and neurodevelopmental outcomes in CHD


Gillian Blue (NSW)
1415-1430 Genetic testing across the lifespan in CHD Ansley Morrish (NSW)
1430-1445 Functional genomics - solving CHD at the bench Gavin Chapman (NSW)
1445-1500 Syndromic CHD and precision based therapy Ari Horton (VIC)
1500-1530 Afternoon Break  
Session 6: Cardiovascular genomics in 2024

Chairs: Julia Isbister and Jodie Ingles

Time Talk Title Speaker
1530-1600 Outomes from the Australian genomics cardiovascular disorders flagship Julie McGaughran (QLD)
1600-1615 Development of cardiac decision aids to support cardiac genetic testing Jason Davis (QLD)
1615-1630 Genomics in the paediatric cardiology clinic Janine Smith (NSW)
1630-1645 Reducing cardiovascular disease in Indigenous communities Jimmy Breen (ACT)
1645-1700 Inherited cardiac clinics in Far North Kevin Ng (QLD)
1900-2300 Dinner  
  Conference Dinner, Level 12 Rooftop, Rydges South Bank Brisbane