Workshop: Cardiac Variant and Gene Curation Workshop

Wednesday 20 May,  09:30-11:30 am
Run by: A/Prof Jodie Ingles and Dr Richard Bagnall

Purpose: Provide training and guidance invariant and gene curation in the cardiac setting. We will go through the MYH7-modified ACMG criteria, which are broadly applicable to many cardiac genetic diseases, how to assess gene-disease associations and highlight resources we commonly use for this work. This will be a combination of case-based teaching and talks. We still start from basics and work our way up, so this is open to any skill or knowledge level.

Requirements: A laptop computer is recommended

Target audience: People who actually do this work currently, or those with reasonable genetics background who would like to learn. Example, laboratory scientists, clinical geneticists, genetic counsellors.

More information: Jodie Ingles,