David Sullivan

David Sullivan, MBBS, FRACP, FRCPA, Clinical Associate Professor at the Department of Chemical Pathology, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, NSW.

David Sullivan is a physician and chemical pathologist in the Department of Chemical Pathology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and an associate of the Institute of Precision medicine and Bioinformatics. David has a long-term interest in lipid metabolism with particular emphasis on the dietary component of gene – environment interactions contributing to cardiovascular disease and other chronic degenerative disorders. He has been involved in the early use of many forms of lipid-lowering intervention. He supports the improvement of detection and management of severe inherited dyslipidaemia, such as that seen in Familial Hypercholesterolaemia.

David has international experience including World Health Organization (WHO) Fellowship at the MRC Lipoprotein Unit, Royal Postgraduate School of Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital, London. He co-ordinated international clinical studies from the World Health Organization reference lipid laboratory in Wageningen, Netherlands where he worked with the originator of the technique known as Mendelian Randomisation. This technique has become fundamental to Precision Medicine because it harnesses Bioinformatic techniques to identify causative biomarkers and promising therapeutic targets.

In addition to his clinical and teaching activities, he has served on numerous clinical committees including the management committees of the LIPID and FIELD trials. Current research interests include biomarkers and post-prandial metabolism. He also dabbles in potential therapeutic uses for chocolate.