EDUCATIONAL DAY - Wednesday 11 May 2022

Cardiac genetics for beginners:
Introductory program in inherited cardiovascular conditions for cardiologists, trainees and allied health staff
Time Talk Title  Speaker
1230 Arrival and registration   
1300 Introduction: Family history- the gene genie Jon Skinner (NZ)
Session 1: Genetics
Chair: Jonathan Skinner
Time Talk Title  
1310-1330 Cellular genetics, the basics: Talk like a geneticist  Paul James (VIC)
1330-1350 The essentials of genetic testing  Richard Bagnall (NSW)
1350-1405 Clinical conditions: The cardiomyopathies  Belinda Gray (NSW)
1405-1420 Clinical conditions: The cardiac ion channelopathies  Hariharan Raju (NSW)
1420-1435 Clinical conditions: Familial Hypercholesterolaemia and coronary artery syndromes  Gerald Watts (WA)
1435-1505 Familial Aortopathies  Dominica Zentner (VIC)
1505-1535 Afternoon Break  
Session 2: Preparation and counselling for a genetic test
Chair: Jonathan Skinner
Time Talk Title Speaker
1535-1550 Before the genetic test: Defining the clinical phenotype  Kathryn Waddell-Smith (SA)
1550-1605 Before the genetic test: Defining probabilities and managing expectations  Robyn Hylind (USA)
1605-1620 Dealing with the genetic result and the clinical fallout  Dominic Abrams (USA)
Session 3: Questions, discussion and illustrative cases with audience participation

Chairs: Dominic Abrams, Jodie Ingles and Megan Higgins

Time Talk Title Speaker
1620-1640 Case 1  Stacey Peters (NSW)
1640-1700 Case 2  Helen Mountain (WA)
1700-1720 Case 3  Ivan Macciocca (VIC)