PROGRAM - DAY 1 - Thursday 12 May 2022

Session 1: Opening Session

Chairs: John Atherton and Julie McGaughran

Time Talk Title  Speaker
0800-0810 Welcome John Atherton and Julie McGaughran,
Conference Co-Convenors
0810-0820 Official Opening  Her Excellency the Honourable Dr Jeannette Young PSM
Governor of Queensland
0820-0830 Program highlights Chris Semsarian (NSW)
0830-0915 Personalised medicine in inherited cardiomyopathies Perry Elliott (UK)
0915-1000 Therapies for RASopathy related hypertrophic cardiomyopathy Bruce Gelb (USA)
1000-1030 Morning Break  

Session 2: What’s new in the inherited cardiomyopathies?


Chairs: Nikki Bart (NSW) and Hariharan Raju (NSW)


Time Talk Title Speaker
1030-1050 Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy: sorting the wheat from the chaff Perry Elliott (UK)
1050-1105 What’s new in HCM?


Vimal Patel (WA)
1105-1125 What’s new in DCM? Stacey Peters (VIC)
1125-1140 What’s new in ACM? Haris Haqqani (QLD)
1140-1155 Cohort studies in the inherited cardiomyopathies Jodie Ingles (NSW)
Session 3: Genetic Testing for Familial hypercholesterolaemia
 Chairs: Liz Robertson (NSW) and Gerald Watts (WA)
Time Talk Title Speaker 
1030-1045 Genetic testing and NHG Policy Framework Gerald Watts (WA)
1045-1100 The MSAC application and the MBS item David Sullivan (NSW)
1100-1115 The cardiology perspective Kathryn Wadell-Smith (SA)
1115-1130 What is the role of primary care? Jan Radford (TAS) 
1130-1145 Implementation science: Making it happen

Mitchell Sarkies (NSW)

1200-1330 Lunch  
1220-1320 Sponsored Lunch Symposium Hosted by Novartis Australia Pty Ltd
RNA therapeutics is a rapidly emerging field. The translation of RNA biology into robust therapeutics has been made possible by advances in design and delivery methods. Recognising this exciting evolution in the field of cardiovascular medicine, we invite you to attend this symposium which will cover the:

- Residual risk concept in cardiovascular disease
- Principles behind the design of RNA therapeutics
- Optimisation of nucleic acid based drugs for therapeutic application (intracellular delivery, stability and immune response activation)
- Application to genetically validated targets
- A review of the clinical evidence to date
Chair - John Atherton 

RNA therapeutics for the management of dyslipidaemia’s
Gerald Watts (WA)

David Sullivan (NSW)
Session 4: Latest in the inherited arrhythmia syndromes
Chairs: Raymond Sy (NSW) and Kathryn Waddell-Smith (SA) 
Time Talk Title Speaker
1330-1350 Management pearls in CPVT Andreas Pflaumer (VIC)
1350-1405 Genotype-guided therapies in LQTS Belinda Gray (NSW)
1405-1420 What is Brugada syndrome in 2022? Jason Davis (QLD)
1420-1435 Insights from iPSC models Annika Winbo (NZ)
1435-1450 In vitro assessment of LQTS variants Andy Ng (NSW)
Session 5: Genetics in 2022
Chairs: Ari Horton (VIC) and Sonia Shah (QLD)
Time Talk Title Speaker
1330-1345 Polygenic risk scores in cardiovascular disease

Gad Abraham (VIC)

1345-1400 The role of genome sequencing


Richard Bagnall (NSW)
1400-1415 Genomics and PRS in heart failure Sonia Shah (QLD)
1415-1430 Polygenic risk scores: where are we heading Paul Lacaze (VIC)
1430-1445 Human cardiac organoids: An enabling
technology for functional genomics
Mark Pocock (QLD)
1445-1500 Key role of the cardiac nurse in a cardiac genetic service  Tina Thompson (VIC)
1500-1530 Afternoon Break  
Session 6: Clinical, genetic and functional aspects of congenital heart disease


Time Talk Title Speaker
1530-1550 The genetic architecture of congenital heart disease Bruce Gelb (USA)
1550-1605 Where next for broad-scale genetic testing in CHD? Gillian Blue (NSW)
1605-1620 CHD genomics and gene discovery  
1620-1635 Pre-test genetic counselling: Preparing for universal whole genome sequencing Ivan Macciocca (VIC)
1635-1650 Relevance of genetic investigations in childhood heart failure Robert Weintraub (VIC)
Conference Dinner
1900-2300 Conference Dinner, Level 12 Rooftop, Rydges South Bank Brisbane