PROGRAM - DAY 2 - Friday 13 May 2022

Session 7: The great debate and oral abstract finalists
Chairs: Julie McGaughran and Chris Semsarian
Time Talk Title Speaker
0830-0915 Debate: Polygenic risk scores ready for cardiology clinic  
0915-1000 Abstract Prize Session   
0915-0930  Abstract Finalist 1   
0930-0945  Abstract Finalist 2   
0945-1000  Abstract Finalist 3   
1000-1030 Morning Break  
Session 8: Resuscitated sudden cardiac arrest in the young
Time Talk Title Speaker
1030-1045 Causes of sudden cardiac arrest in the young  
1045-1100 Investigation of a resuscitated cardiac arrest  
1100-1115 Progress in preventing malignant arrhythmias  
1115-1130 Sudden cardiac arrest in athletes: What’s different?  
1130-1145 Psychological support


Session 9: Latest advances in the familial aortopathies
Time Talk Title Speaker
1030-1045 What's new in the aortopathies  
1045-1100 Latest in the genetics of aortopathies  
1100-1115  Aortopathy findings at post-mortem  
1115-1130 Aortopathies in pregnancy  
1130-1150 Surgical approaches to aortopathies  
1200-1330 Lunch  
1215-1315 12x 5-min abstract presentations  
Session 10: National Collaborations and Case Presentations


Time Talk Title Speaker
1330-1350 The Australian Genomics Initiative  
1350-1400 The Cardiovascular Genetics Flagship - progress to date


1400-1430 Case Presentation #1 (Arrhythmia/SCD) Panel Members:


1430-1500 Case Presentation #2 (Cardiomyopathy)

Panel Members:


1500-1530 Afternoon Break  
Session 11: Final plenary


Time Talk Title Speaker
1530-1605  Precision medicine approach to congenital heart disease Bruce Gelb (USA)
1605-1640 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: What’s next? Perry Elliott (UK)
1640-1650 Thank you Chris Semsarian (NSW)
1650-1700 Official close of the Conference  John Atherton and Julie McGaughran,
Conference Co-Convenors