PROGRAM - DAY 2 - Friday 13 May 2022


Sponsored Breakfast Symposium Hosted by Sanofi:

0645-0710 Breakfast Available

0710-0715 Welcome and Introduction

0715-0745 A clinical approach to the diagnosis of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

0745-0800 Q+A



Chris Semsarian (NSW)

Perry Elliott (UK)

Session 7: The great debate and Oral Abstract Prize Final
Chairs: Julie McGaughran and Chris Semsarian
Time Talk Title Speaker
0830-0915 Debate: Polygenic risk scores ready for cardiology clinic

FOR:  Paul James (VIC)

AGAINST: Edwin Kirk (NSW)

0915-1000 Oral Abstract Prize Final   
0915-0930  Population genomic screening of young adults for familial hypercholesterolaemia: a cost-effectiveness analysis Paul Lacaze (VIC)
0930-0945  Evaluating the Clinical utility of Polygenic Risk Score for Heart Failure Xiaodong Mo (QLD)
0945-1000  Contribution and functional characterisation of splice-disrupting variants in inherited heart disease and sudden cardiac death Emma Singer (NSW)
1000-1030 Morning Break  
Session 8: Resuscitated sudden cardiac arrest in the young
Chairs: Julia Isbister (NSW) and Andreas Pflaumer (VIC) 
Time Talk Title Speaker
1030-1045 Causes of sudden cardiac arrest in the young Elizabeth Paratz (VIC)
1045-1100 Investigation of a resuscitated cardiac arrest Martin Stiles (NZ)
1100-1115 Progress in preventing malignant arrhythmias Saurabh Kumar (NSW)
1115-1130 Sudden cardiac arrest in athletes: What’s different? Andre La Gerche (VIC)
1130-1145 Psychological support


Claire O’Donovan (NZ)
Session 9: Latest advances in the familial aortopathies
 Chairs: Felicity Collins (NSW) and Dominica Zentner (VIC)
Time Talk Title Speaker
1030-1045 What's new in the aortopathies Dominica Zentner (VIC)
1045-1100 Latest in the genetics of aortopathies Elizabeth Robertson (NSW)
1100-1115  Aortopathy findings at post-mortem Johan Duflou (NSW)
1115-1130 Aortopathies in pregnancy William Parsonage (QLD)
1130-1150 Surgical approaches to aortopathies Livia Williams (QLD)
1200-1330 Lunch  
1220-1320 RNA therapeutics for managing dyslipidemias Hosted by Novartis Australia Pty Ltd
RNA therapeutics is a rapidly emerging field. The translation of RNA biology into robust therapeutics has been made possible by advances in design and delivery methods. Recognising this exciting evolution in the field of cardiovascular medicine, we invite you to attend this symposium which will cover the:

- Residual risk concept in cardiovascular disease
- Principles behind the design of RNA therapeutics
- Optimisation of nucleic acid based drugs for therapeutic application (intracellular delivery, stability and immune response activation)
- Application to genetically validated targets
- A review of the clinical evidence to date
Chair - John Atherton 

RNA therapeutics for the management of dyslipidaemia’s
Gerald Watts (WA)

David Sullivan (NSW)
Session 10: National Collaborations and Case Presentations

Chairs: Belinda Gray and Paul James 

Time Talk Title Speaker
1330-1350 The Australian Genomics Initiative Tiffany Boughtwood (VIC)
1350-1400 The Cardiovascular Genetics Flagship - progress to date

Julie McGaughran (QLD)

1400-1430 Case Presentation #1 (Arrhythmia/SCD)

Panel Members:

Hariharan Raju

Haris Haqqani

Felicity Collins

Laura Yeates

Jo Duflou

Tina Thompson

1430-1500 Case Presentation #2 (Cardiomyopathy) 

Jamie Cham


Panel Members:

Perry Elliott

John Atherton

Diane Fatkin

Ivan Macciocca

Belinda Gray

Kathryn Waddell-Smith

1500-1530 Afternoon Break  
Session 11: Final plenary

ChairsJulie McGaughran                                   

Time Talk Title Speaker
1530-1605  Precision medicine approach to congenital heart disease Bruce Gelb (USA)
1605-1640 Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: What’s next? Perry Elliott (UK)
1640-1650 Thank you Chris Semsarian (NSW)
1650-1700 Official close of the Conference  John Atherton and Julie McGaughran,
Conference Co-Convenors