James Moon

Professor James Moon, Professor of cardiology, UCL and Clinical Director Imaging, Barts Heart Centre.

James Moon trained at Oxford and Cambridge before his MD at Imperial.  Formerly at Heart Hospital, he is Professor of Cardiology, UCL, Clinical Director of Imaging, Barts Heart Centre, and Medical Director of Chenies Mews Imaging Centre.  He is President of BSCMR, co-founder of LondonCMR, founder of the T1 mapping development group and was program chair, EuroCMR 2017. For 5 years he was web editor for SCMR. He is interested in better understanding heart disease to improve patient care through therapies with a particular interest in myocardium. His team focus on technical development, translation, creation and standardization of new biomarkers, delivery of surrogate endpoints, defining new diseases, quality control, training, enabling others.  Example current projects are AS700 (7 centres), Fabry400 (4 centres), T1MES program (79 centres) REDCap for UK research (250 projects), CMR insights in athletes, Perfusion mapping collaboration (5 sites), developing world CMR (5 countries), NIH collaboration for clinical validation of new sequences.  He has 256 papers on Pubmed, 42 in 2017. Google citations 16,000; H-index 56.

Sanofi Breakfast session synopsis:

Heart muscle disease is common. Genetic cardiomyopathies have to date been clinically defined by structure and function - categorised by imaging morphology (dilated, hypertrophic, arrhythmogenic right ventricle, restrictive, non-compaction). However, imaging appearance poorly reflects underlying myocardial biology and therapy has been for consequences (heart failure, arrhythmia) rather than specific and personalised. With new genetic information, new phenotyping tests (such as myocardial tissue characterisation) and deeper understanding, a new generation of personalised treatment strategies is on the horizon.